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With recent changes to Canadian securities laws, Canada now has a harmonized national regime for equity crowdfunding for start-ups and other early-stage companies raising capital, average Canadians interested in investing in such companies, and funding portals that facilitate crowdfunding distributions.

Whether you're an entrepreneur operating a start-up or other early-stage venture contemplating conducting a crowdfunding campaign, an investor interested in investments that were previously restricted to institutional and high-net-worth investors, or a person or company contemplating setting up an equity crowdfunding portal, this site will be your guide.

Start with reading one or more of For InvestorsFor Issuers, or For Portals overview pages, and then dig deeper with in-depth Blog posts on various topics to deepen your understanding. Use our FAQ and Glossary as necessary and, when ready to start or to invest in a crowdfunding campaign, select a funding portal from the List of Portals.

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